Pre – Post rehabilitation Program is a specialised individually structured high-performance program aimed at bridging the gap between pre-surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation stage and return to normal life. The program is suitable for all of you who have pending surgery (prehab), those in early stage rehabilitation (from 4-weeks) to late stage rehabilitation in which we see clients coming to us as they have not yet returned back to pre-injury life quality and or performance levels.

The program is run by our coaches who have a wealth of experience in joints rehabilitation and cancer treatment. Who have endured and rehabilitated themselves through ACL reconstruction, shoulder repairs and chemotherapy. 

The research is pretty clear = those who are more physically strong, with fair amount of lean muscle mass,  have fewer complications in surgery or during chemotherapy or radiation and, above all, require significantly less time to recover afterwards.

The problem is that a significant portion of this population do not exercise and do not know how to do so safely. Thus, the special skill sets that experienced coach have are incredibly valuable to them.