Almost everybody regardless of age, fitness or gender would like to achieve increased flexibility, mobility, balance and core strength. The FIT TOORAK Yoga classes are designed to specifically address all of these goals and more. The classes, comprising of traditional Yoga principals along with movement pattern based dynamic movements, and breathing techniques will find you with an added spring in your step, clearer in the mind and on your way to becoming more supple, limber and balanced….Both physically and mentally!

Stretch it out in our small group classes with a maximum of 8, no sharing with 30 others!! Being held in our purpose designed intimate space, with such small numbers, our Fit Toorak Yoga classes are able to be personally tailored to take into account your current ability and flexibility.

Highly educated and experienced instructors will also address any individual weaknesses and can assist with injury management. Fit Toorak Yoga can be daunting for those unaccustomed to the practice.

At FIT TOORAK, we aim to take it back to basics to support you through the movements in a non-intimidating and nurturing environment where you can practice and progress at your own pace before moving on to more advanced postures.

For those more advanced in the practice of Yoga, we promise our instructors will challenge your balance and strength to ensure you get the most out of each and every class.