Change your body, and your life, with personal advice from the best nutrition coaches and fitness experts.

365 days of Life-changing Nutrition coaching for men and women.

Expert Coaching

You’ve tried dieting a million times. Now try something different. Forget calorie-counting. Forget feeling guilty. What we offer our clients and students is special. It’s personal, it accepts you for who you are, and it’ll change your life.

Guided Mentorship

We are here to help support you when challenges and difficulties come up. Because they always do. We coach you and mentor you to ensure you’re on track, and remove roadblocks to success. We’re here so you don’t have to do this all alone.

Online Support

We are always here to help you figure out what to do next. Especially when you’re stuck. You’ve got a lot on your plate. We’re here so you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. Get personal support from people who care.


I really feel I’m making real changes to my eating habits and not just changing what I’m eating. The whole Nutrition Coaching system is based on small achievable steps with plenty of time to practice and create new habits.The coaching program is simply broken down into short daily lessons presented in a clear and humorous way which makes nutrition easy to understand.
– Amy R.


FITT Nutrition Coaching is a 12-month program that guides clients through dramatic—yet sustainable—changes in their eating and exercise habits with help from an expert coach. To date, Precision Nutritions, which we are qualified by, experts have tested it with more than 50,000 people, who have transformed their bodies and health profiles in amazing ways.

We as PN coaches specialize in taking complex nutritional problems and breaking them down into small, strategic daily practices—small practices that are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. Small practices that are formulated to create sustainable habits and to deliver real  life long results.

FITT PN Coaching is for men and women who want to get in the best shape of their lives—for the rest of their lives. It’s for people with busy schedules who want personal accountability, a structured nutrition program to follow, and a coach to help keep them consistent and on-track.

The main focus of the program is to strategically help you improve your eating and exercise habits—all within the context of your day-to-day life. We don’t give you a crazy diet or exercise program to follow; instead, we help our clients build the habits they need to get results that last forever.

Our Nutrition Coaching program is not for people who are looking for a quick fix and a magic pill.

Our Nutrition Coaching is not for figure or fitness models, professional bodybuilders, or high-level athletes training for a particular sport.

It’s also not for people who already have all the accountability they need.

If you rarely struggle with staying consistent with your exercise or eating habits, then we’re not a good choice for you.

If you follow our recommendations and stick with us for the full year then yes, you will get results.

But you have to commit to making small strategic changes in your life. That’s something no one ever likes to admit about getting in better shape: it takes hard work, time, and determination.

Changing your body isn’t easy, but it is possible.

To date, Precision Nutritions experts have tested it with more than 50,000 people, who have transformed their bodies and health profiles in amazing ways.

Once you make the commitment to get in better shape, we’ll be with you every step of the way. When life pushes you around and difficulties come up, we’ll help you push back.

We’ll stack the deck in your favor and give you every advantage we know of. Over the course of 12 months, you’ll learn everything you need to look, feel, and perform at your best.

Absolutely. We guarantee our work because it’s the right thing to do.

Stick with us for a year and follow our recommendations. If you don’t get what you’re looking for at the end of the year, we’ll give you a full refund.

No, we don’t give out meal plans.

Meal plans and diets aren’t really that useful or sustainable. People often feel like they’re either “on” them or “off” them. They feel like they’ve failed and are beyond hope if they’re not eating perfectly at every meal.

Our approach is completely different: We help you build a set of sustainable habits that will serve you for the rest of your life.

This means you get to choose—with the help of your coach—which foods are best for you, when to eat those foods, and how much to eat of them.

Absolutely. Get in touch with us via the form below and we will organize for you a tryout period.
Of course. We encourage friends, partners, and family members to join together. That immediate social support makes a real difference for many of our clients.
You can choose from a one-time payment of $1799 AUD or $166 AUD per month for 12 months.
When it comes to food, most clients actually end up saving money on their grocery bills.

This is because they make more informed, careful decisions, eat out less, and spend fewer dollars on processed novelty foods, replacing them with whole, delicious natural foods.

As for supplements, we may recommend a few health-oriented products, based on your unique needs and goals. However, these are completely optional.

Nope, you don’t have to join a gym to be successful with FITT Nutrition Coaching.

All the exercise programs can be performed at a gym or at home.


Womens Coaching

You’ve tried dieting a million times. Now try something different.
Forget calorie-counting. Forget feeling guilty. Get personal support from people who care.

Mens Coaching

There’s a fit and healthy guy inside. Let’s uncover him. Change your body. Get control of your health.
Unlock the man you know you can be.

Ready to make a life change? We’re thrilled to help you along your path to a fit and healthy life. Our experts take great pride in helping achieve your goals.

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