Strength & Conditioning program available to athletes from amateur to elite level individuals or teams looking to improve their sports performance.

All of our sessions are run by experienced tertiary educated trainers, who will tailor your training to your requirements and abilities.


strength and conditioning

S&C Coach Martin Kutek describes the program:

S&C is an integral part of the development of athletes. The Strength and Conditioning discipline provides services in the areas of speed, agility, endurance, strength, stability, flexibility, injury prevention, management and rehabilitation for the purposes of enhanced athletic performance during competition.

FITT’s high performance strength & conditioning model follows modern scientific researches providing proven results in different areas.

Strength & Conditioning program covers :

Self-Myofascial Release – soft tissue quality – foam rolling, trigger points

Mobility exercises – range of movement, ankles, hips, spine, shoulders

Proprioreception – balance and stability, coordination, posture, movement patterns

Speed development – reaction, acceleration, deceleration, liner, lateral and transitional speed, agility

Power training – plyometrics, Medicinball ball throws, Olympic lifting

Strength development – hypertrophy, general strength, maximal strength, explosive strength, speed strength, strength endurance

Core training – strength and stability

Conditioning – energy zones development

Flexibility – soft tissue length

Breathing mechanisms – recovery, activation, relaxation

Recovery and Nutrition