At FITT we have a saying that “Movement is Medicine”.  Having recently teamed up with Drs Richard Bloom and Kim Taylor and their team at Re Plastic Surgery, we have devised a series of incremental post-surgery exercise programs, to assist with your recovery and have you back to normal everyday activities as quickly and safely as possible!

We can personally take you through the programs here at the studio in Toorak, or we now also have an online option for people who can’t get in to see us face to face.

When you purchase the online program, you will be given a unique log in to access the videos of the program.  You will also receive a studio quality equipment package of exercise mat, physio roller, and some resistance bands to assist you in completing the programs.

With professional direction and guidance, starting to mobilize and lightly stretch reasonably soon after surgery, you can gently help to release some tension, prevent some of the scar tissue and help to maintain some muscle tone during the recovery phase.

It is important to note, that during this recovery phase you should try not to sweat to minimize the risk of infection.  Also during this period, you don’t want to get your heart rate elevated too much and all of your activity should be done gently…..Nice easy walks, no hills or power walk for a while. When doing recovery programs always perform exercises slowly and mindfully…thinking about what you are trying to achieve from the movements. Listen to your body.

This is the time to nurture yourself….Maybe try some meditation, read an inspiring book and nourish yourself with super healthy wholefoods…heaps of vitamin-filled fresh vegetables, salads and fruits, clean protein choices and good fats to promote healing.  Avoid refined carbohydrates and opt for wholegrain varieties.

If you have any concerns regarding your recovery please contact the professional Re team…If you have any questions about your exercise program, please feel free to contact us here at FITT.

We highly recommend you commence your initial program prior to your surgery date. Maybe watch if through fully first, then watch again and perform the exercises. That way once you feel up to it after surgery, you’ll know what you’re doing and be ready to get started…..Gently!

When you are ready simply contact us either via a phone or a form below to arrange an quick appointment with us.

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